Are you a space-savvy nerd? Or a space geek? Are you here to know the fun facts of Jupiter for kids? Well, you have arrived at the right spot. I’m a huge geek of space and love to research a lot of things about space on the internet. In this article, I would love to bring you the most astounding facts of Jupiter for kids.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and it’s lined at fifth position from the Sun. This is the planet with a mass of 1/1000th of the Sun, but then again, it’s two and a half times more than that of all the remaining planets combined. Jupiter is known as the giant gas planet. It’s the third brightest object in the sky after the moon and Venus when viewed from Earth. It’s been known to the astrophysicists since ancient times. Jupiter will surely fascinate you as it has a lot of shocking and mysterious facts surrounding it. Well, let’s get on track now.

Facts of Jupiter for Kids: History of Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the fascinating planets in our solar system. This has rather got an interesting theory of history behind it.

  • Ancient Babylonians are the first ever people to record the finding of Jupiter in the space. It was discovered a long time ago, say in the 7th or 8th century which is almost 1300 years ago. It would be fascinating to see how they spotted it then.
  • The name Jupiter came from the ultimate God of Roman people, the Roman God of mythology. So, it kind of explains to you why the largest planet in the galaxy was named after a crucial God. According to Roman mythology, Jupiter is the prodigy of Saturn, brother of Neptune and Pluto.
  • But unsurprisingly, the person who discovered the moons of Jupiter was the famous astrophysicist, Galileo Galilei.

How was the Jupiter formed?

There’s a theory that Earth and its surrounding planets may have been formed by the fragments of planets after Jupiter collided and destroyed the super-Earths (planets larger than Earth near the Sun) near the Sun. According to a theory, Grand Tack Hypothesis, Jupiter moved inwards to the solar system. This led to a series of collisions between Jupiter and super-Earths due to gravitational pulls and tugs caused by orbital overlap among them.

11 fun facts of Jupiter for kids

1. Jupiter is a gas giant and it has no surface

Jupiter’s atmosphere chiefly comprises of hydrogen and helium, additionally having yellow, thick red clouds casing the whole planet. Fascinatingly, these clouds are the reason why you see the attractive patterns on Jupiter. Since Jupiter consists of only a layer of gases, you won’t get a surface to land on it and reach conventionally to the core. As Jupiter has no surface, we assume the atmospheric pressure of Jupiter matches to the pressure of the Earth’s surface. Quick fact alert, just like Jupiter, even planets like Saturn are called gas giants, as mentioned in facts of Saturn for kids.

2. What’s the size of Jupiter?

Jupiter is so big that more than 1300 Earths could fit into it easily. Diametrically, Jupiter is 143,000km at the equator. Interestingly, Jupiter’s land mass is 318 times more than the Earth’s. Hypothetically, if we could ever make it to Jupiter, everybody can have a resort of their own. You should definitely share these facts of Jupiter for kids with your children or parents.

3. What’s the gravitational pull of Jupiter?

Jupiter has the strongest gravitational pull. The gravitation of Jupiter is 2.4 times more than that of the Earth. Ironically, a person weighing 100kgs on Earth would weigh 240kg on Jupiter. Add more fun to it, you could stand with that weight on the clouds because there isn’t any surface to land on it. Now you feel you’re on the wrong planet, right?

4. There’s a great red spot, you should be amused to know what it is

Ever since the planet Jupiter was discovered, the great red spot appears on it. Then what’s this great red spot? Well, it’s a gigantic hurricane storm which is believed to be present for more than 400 years. This hurricane is as big as 3 Earth’s combined and it has winds that blow up with a speed of 270 miles/hour. Isn’t that terrifying? This is by far one of the mesmerizing facts of Jupiter for kids.

5. Jupiter is a planet with 67 moons and one of them is very huge

Amused? Yes, you read that right. Jupiter has 67 moons revolving around it. In fact, one of them is the largest moon in the entire solar system. The name of it is Ganymede. The diameter of Ganymede is 5268 km which is larger than that of planet Mercury. Furthermore, it’s the only moon in the solar system to have a magnetic field. The four largest moons of planet Jupiter are named on Galileo Galilei as the Galilean moons after he discovered them in 1610 A.D. The individual names of these moons are Ganymede, Calisto, Lo, and Europa.

6. One rotation around the Sun and its axis

Jupiter takes 11.86 Earth years to complete one revolution of the Sun. Furthermore, it takes only 9 hours plus 55 minutes to complete one rotation around its axis. I presume you would find it very difficult to carry out your everyday chores there. I wonder how long will be the office hours? 3-4 hours? Sounds cool, right? Don’t ignore to share these amazing facts of Jupiter for kids.

7. Does Jupiter too have seasons as we have on Earth?

There are no seasons on Jupiter like we have on Earth. A planet’s axis needs to be tilted enough to have the seasons. The axis of Jupiter is tilted by 3.13 degrees which isn’t enough to experience seasons on it. The axis of the Earth is tilted at 23.5 degrees which is the reason for it to have seasons. This axis varies between 22.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees every 40 thousand years.

8. Does Jupiter have rings? Are they visible to naked eye?

Yes, Jupiter has rings. These are rings are primly formed by the dust particles of the moons which are caused due to outer space objects. The rings commence at 92000km above the planet and run as high as 225000km. These are rings are not visible to the naked eyes.

9. Jupiter could have been a star like Sun

Like the Sun, Jupiter also consists of helium and hydrogen. If the amount of hydrogen and helium were 80 times more than the present, it would have caused nuclear fissions inside it and formed a star like the Sun. These facts are just not the facts of Jupiter for kids, but also a heavy dose of general knowledge for adults as well.

10. Jupiter is the planet with the strongest magnetic field in the Solar system

The magnetic field on Jupiter is 20 times the magnetic field on Earth. Interestingly, due to its strongest gravitation pull, it pulls the hydrogen (which is present as only gas on Earth) and converts into the liquid metallic hydrogen ocean. This metallic liquid hydrogen ocean on Jupiter creates a huge magnetic field making it a giant magnet. Quite fascinating to hear about liquid hydrogen, right?

11. Jupiter doesn’t revolve around the Sun

Get ready to get your mind blown. Forget what you have read or don’t believe what you are going to read about the fact of all planets in the solar system revolving around the Sun. No planet in the solar system revolves around the Sun. Both Sun and the planet rotate around a certain point that is called a barycenter. What’s a barycenter? Well, it’s a center point of the masses of two objects. It should balance two objects like on the scale. For instance, the barycenter of a hammer lies at the head of it and the barycenter of a rod lies at the center of the rod.

Though the Sun tends to move marginally, all other planets tend to move around the Sun. This is due to the fact that all planets, except Jupiter, are comparatively small; the barycenter of these planets remain closer to the Sun’s center.

But on the other side, the barycenter of Jupiter, which has 318 times more mass than that of Earth, lies right outside the Sun’s surface. Jupiter and the Sun revolve around that point which you can spot in the GIF below.

Some other amazing facts of Jupiter for kids

  1. Brace yourself for this amazing detail. The mass of the Jupiter is 4,185,696,509,842,089,747,591,200,768 pounds which is 1,898,130,000,000,000,000 billion kgs. This is a very big number to even pronounce, isn’t it?
  2. You definitely would drop your wishes of visiting Jupiter after this fact. The temperature on it is -226 Fahrenheit ( -108° Celsius). Remember, there are no seasons on Jupiter which means the temperature will be the same throughout.
  3. Till now, 8 spacecrafts have visited Jupiter, the recent being said to have landed in 2016.
  4. According to the article “kid Facts About Saturn“, both Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in the Solar system. Their rings are covered by thick clouds and both the planets are extremely cold.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the facts of Jupiter for kids. Keep visiting planet facts for kids to learn a lot about the space.


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